“{Kinlaw’s} guidance is so caring and intentional and definitely shaped the nature of our group dynamic.” – Severine Kaufman

“Kinlaw has a warm openness and judgement free energy that was contagious. The exercises were paced very well and built off one another as the workshop progressed. It was the perfect balance of comfort, challenge and vulnerability. The exercises informed and inspired my work and life way beyond the world of movement and performance.” – Hannah Cilli



Kinlaw’s teaching methods are available for online consultation,
one on one instruction, and group workshop formats.
All forms of training are designed for anyone developing their voice
and movement as authentic forms of communication. 

Online Consultation:

Online remote consultation is ideal for sound and performance makers outside the New York area who seek advice in any stage of their process. In consulting sessions, the client and I will meet over video chat or phone call. Depending on the artist’s goals, we will work through the intention of their work, the possibility of performance, and new ways of enriching their project objectives.

Email to request dates, times, and rates.

Private training:

Private Training is best suited for sound and performance makers in any stage of their process in the New York City area. Working with your material, I will provide personalized private sessions catered to your needs. This process is a hands-on approach to further develop the performance you are working on.

Email to request dates, times, and rates.

Group Training:

My teaching style cultivates a temporary community through a series of playful exercises. Inside of these prompts, we focus on the fundamentals of impulses, creating new uses of our bodies as communication tools in the process. Working individually or in a group, this method will integrate specific cues and visualizations into sound and motion.