A Trigger For Every Body

A Trigger For Every Body is an intimate performance developed during a commission and residency in the penthouse suite of The Wythe Hotel with sound composition, choreography, and performance installation designed by Kinlaw.  Additional choreography from Kathleen Dycaico and Quenton Stuckey.


Guests were admitted in groups of ten and encouraged to move freely throughout the space during the duration of the forty-minute performance.


The suite was activated with contact microphones and sensors built by Kinlaw to serve as a center point between real-time choreography and sound.  Microphones amplified water running in the showers, the tapping on the floor to ceiling windows, while discreet sensors were worn by the performers inside their clothing and gloves to amplify contact made during choreographed sequences.  All music performed during the event was also recorded to cassette tape for each guest to take home. 


A Trigger For Every Body toured throughout seven cities in the southeast following its initial premiere with at The Wythe Hotel.